Safeguarding Your Assets for Continued Organizational Growth


Risk management is a critical step to protecting your business from potential losses due to events that you cannot predict. Ensuring that your insurance coverage is sufficient through a risk management audit will help protect your organizational assets and mitigate catastrophic risk.

Events that may affect your company’s objectives under a risk management framework are varied, and can include competitive forces, economic trends, changes in regulatory requirements, and even internal issues with your workforce or infrastructure. Risk assessment identifies all these potential risks and opportunities, and empowers your organization to respond effectively, adapt to change, and reduce costs or losses from surprises.

Performing a risk management audit is a proactive approach to ensuring that your commercial insurance program accounts for these risks.

The Risk Management Audit Process
A risk management audit makes specific, actionable recommendations for changes to your commercial insurance program. The audit addresses your existing risk management needs and is expandable to accommodate future growth and unplanned external factors.

MB Davis Group’s risk management services begin with an audit of your existing commercial property and casualty policies, insurance claims and any existing risk management programs to safeguard your assets. As a result of the audit, an organization will be able to:

  • Identify areas with improper or inadequate commercial insurance coverage
  • Reduce policy premiums and improve coverage
  • Renegotiate business-critical commercial insurance programs
  • Prepare for mergers, acquisitions and operational changes
  • Analyze commercial insurance forms, terms, conditions and exclusions
  • Identify policy and binder strengths and weaknesses

The risk management audit process also helps you better understand your company’s insurance program. MB Davis uses commercial insurance broker relationships and its more than 20 years of industry expertise to acquire competitive insurance policy offerings.

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