Let Commercial Insurance Experts Manage Your Evolving Needs


Just like the economy and the competitive landscape are ever changing, your business and its liabilities and risks are dynamic. When these factors shift, your insurance needs should change with them. And over time, as your business climate evolves, you need commercial insurance coverages that protect your organization, every step of the way.

Consider, for example, whether the physical characteristics of your location or assets have changed in size or value, or whether your sales volume or payroll has grown. This is where insurance management services become crucial for enterprise risk management.

Maintaining the optimal commercial insurance coverage for your company requires an independent expert who can frequently review quotes and options to select the most appropriate and economical programs for your needs, while negotiating renewals and coverage changes with underwriters and brokers.

You have a business to run; you can’t spend your valuable time managing your company’s insurance program. Thankfully, you don’t need to handle these day-to-day burdens—leave it to a commercial insurance consultant and minimize disruption to your business.

The Benefits of Insurance Management Services
A seasoned commercial insurance consultant can take the stress out of renewing insurance policies, renegotiating programs, soliciting proposals for new coverage, analyzing your options and communicating with multiple insurance brokers.

MB Davis Group offers insurance management services including:

  • Drafting renewal action plans/timelines
  • Reviewing account service requirements with client in order to present brokers with detailed service expectations
  • Assessing quality and financial stability of commercial insurance carriers
  • Preparing underwriting packages for brokers or direct writers (including specifications, schedule of locations and values, loss runs, etc.)
  • Negotiating terms and conditions to obtain the broadest, most affordable coverage options
  • Obtaining and reviewing quotes from carriers in a timely manner
  • Helping transition changes to a new risk management program, if a change is warranted

Because MB Davis Group manages a large volume of commercial insurance programs nationwide and internationally, we have access to the best offerings from top insurance brokers and companies. This generates a competitive marketplace that motivates insurers to offer comprehensive, aggressive proposals for our clients.

Get Help Managing Your Commercial Insurance
MB Davis Group specializes in commercial insurance program management for all industries in the U.S. and abroad. To schedule a no-obligation consultation to review your commercial insurance management needs, complete this contact form or call 973.770.6700.