Evaluating & Mitigating Risk During Mergers & Acquisitions


If your company is involved in a merger, acquisition, or buyout, your due diligence checklist should include analyzing both companies’ commercial insurance programs to ensure adequate coverage for risks and liabilities.

The complexity of business transactions and operational changes can make it difficult to assess and identify potential risks. A thorough commercial insurance due diligence evaluation should be conducted to analyze the target company’s commercial property and casualty insurance program, as well as its past claims and future claim potential. It’s also necessary to ensure during a due diligence period that existing and future policies will supply adequate commercial liability protection.

A comprehensive due diligence report and analysis by an independent commercial insurance consultant will point out insurance flaws, recommend coverage improvements, renegotiate deficient policies, and develop a roadmap to help you transition the insurance coverage during the merger, acquisition or buyout.

Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence Evaluation Services
MB Davis Group offers custom acquisition due diligence services for business across all industries, including:

  • Evaluating the adequacy of a target company’s commercial insurance program
  • Identifying potentially uninsured liabilities/exposures, both historic and ongoing
  • Preparing post-acquisition insurance budgets and supporting lender negotiations
  • Consolidating applicable commercial insurance programs to simplify the portfolio while saving money and improving coverage
  • Negotiating new policies and renegotiating inadequate policies

The results of the due diligence evaluation will be described in a formal Insurance Due Diligence Opinion and Report that can be presented with confidence to investors and lenders.

Begin Your Due Diligence
MB Davis Group can help make sound decisions about business expansion and future acquisitions, while protecting your current and future assets. To schedule your acquisition due diligence insurance evaluation, complete this contact form or call 973.770.6700.