Rely on the Commercial Insurance Experts


You are the expert in your business, and you need a commercial insurance expert to protect your hard work. To help you make educated decisions about liability, insurance risk and future coverage, rely on credentialed commercial insurance consultants with extensive experience and training.

The team at MB Davis Group specializes in analyzing commercial insurance coverage, managing contract insurance implications, and negotiating coverage and renewals.

MB Davis Group provides commercial insurance consulting services for a range of industries and business sizes, including these specialties:

Hire an Expert Commercial Insurance Consultant
A qualified commercial insurance consultant functions as an integral part of your organization, helping achieve long-term business objectives, while protecting your business from financial risk.

Partnering with MB Davis as your independent commercial insurance consultant provides these benefits:

Objective advice without conflict of interest. The MB Davis team is not affiliated with any commercial insurance companies or products, and we do not earn commission on your purchase. Instead, we are independent insurance consultants who have access to a range of policies and programs. It is our goal to advocate on your behalf and recommend options that best suit your business and budget.

Experienced negotiation. Commercial insurance rates vary based on risk factors and coverage options, and the complexity of choosing a policy can become overwhelming. MB Davis Group is experienced in securing the best possible rates and coverage for your business, so you can get back to your job.

Cost and time savings. While managing your commercial insurance and risk management programs, our insurance consultants save you money. We reduce the time you spend worrying about your policies, and we work to negotiate industry-leading rates.

Results-driven leadership. MB Davis clients enjoy clear communications, timely responses and expertise that are unsurpassed in the industry. Best of all, our commercial insurance consulting services are always tailored to the industry-specific needs of your business.

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